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The 2021 - 2022 Committee

 President   Doug Freeman  doug_f@mwsa.com.au
 Vice President  Kel Hannan  kel@mwsa.com.au
 Secretary  Gai Cohen  gai@mwsa.com.au
 Treasurer  Doug Stracey  doug@mwsa.com.au
 General Committee    
   Sue Brandenburg  sue@mwsa.com.au
   Rochelle Sangster  rochelle@mwsa.com.au
   Gai Cohen  gai@mwsa.com.au
   Greg Bell  greg@mwsa.com.au
   Robert Glasson  rob@mwsa.com.au
   Jess Rooke  jess_r@mwsa.com.au
   Robert Ward  Rob_w@mwsa.com.au
   Janine Rolfe  Janine@mwsa.com.au
   Kim Trim  Kim@mwsa.com.au


Member Protection Officer Doug Stracey doug@mwsa.com.au  


Life Members

Maree Hayden *

Pauline Albon

David Whitehorn *

Alan Perman

Frank McGaulley

Reg Eggleton

Doug Stracey

Sharon O'Mara

Kel Hannan

Sue Brandenburg

Rochelle Sangster

Doug Freeman


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