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The competition is played on Saturday beginning in September and finishing the following March. All games are played at the softball diamonds on Abbott Rd North Curl Curl. Click here for a map of the area.

You should find everything you need to know on this page:

The Draw
Where is that Diamond
What Ball, what pitching distance
Filling out the score sheet
Wet Weather

Hot Weather Policy
Packing up the Diamonds
Setting up the diamonds
Insurance Claims

Wet Weather:

The golden rule is we are playing unless you hear otherwise. The home page of our Web will be updated if there is any change.
We have a wet weather txt service. Don't waste time on the phone or sit there wondering what the latest update is. Find out instantly and easily - direct on your mobile. Simply text MWSA to 0428 985 410.


There are 3 canteen schedules - one for Abbott Rd canteen, one for Abbott Rd BBQ and one for Rueb Hudson canteen. The draw shows which club is allocated to each area.
The Association allocates canteen to clubs, Clubs allocate canteen to teams.
PLEASE be on time - the person you are relieving is trying to get to their game.


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