Our season runs from September to the following March

All games are played at the softball diamonds on Abbott Rd North Curl Curl

If you are unsure of which club to join we suggest the one with training grounds closest to you.

Still unsure which club - click here to contact us
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Need more information?


You can call your local club contact.


Ready to go?


Click on “Register Now” for your local club. 


Want to form a school team?


For teeball players, Year 2 and under, you need between 6 and 10 players to form a school team.


Older girls will need between 10 and 12 players to form a school modball or softball team.


School teams may wear school sport uniforms or the club playing uniform.


All girls need to register individually but need to mention when registering that they are part of this school team.


Friends who want to play together?


Just mention this when registering.


 Davidson Softball  
Contact: Doug Stracey 0412 074 070
 email    davidson@mwsa.com.au
 Web  Davidson Softball Club
Training Grounds  Lionel Watts OvalRoseville Oval
 Register Now  Davidson Registration
 Forest Allambie Softball  
Contact: Heather Bone 0412 790 343 
 email   Heather Bone
 Web Forest Allambie Softball
Training Grounds Allambie Oval
Register Now Forest Registration
 Peninsula Softball  
Contact: Michael Mcdonnell 0404 6307 17 
 email   peninsulasoftballclub@gmail.com
 Web Peninsula Softball Club
Training Grounds  
 Register Now Peninsula Registration
 Pittwater Softball  

Tanya Zordan 0433 337 345

 email   Pittwatersoftball@hotmail.com 
 Web Pittwater
Training Grounds Boondah Oval
 Register Now Pittwater Registration
 Warringah Softball  
Contact: Kim Trim 0410 697 180
 email   registrar@warringahsoftball.com.au
 Web Warringah Softball
Training Grounds Beverley Job Oval
 Register Now Warringah Registration
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