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Revised Draw

Given our determination to play all 8 rounds we’ve made the decision to play all round 5 games as double headers on either the days of Round 6, 7 or 8. The attached is a new draw for the next 3 weeks. Please note:-

  1. The draws have changed for every team
  2. When teams play a double header both games will be reduced to 1 hour 15 minutes.
  3. Obviously, if you have a double header round you will not be required to umpire that day. In almost all cases, umpiring appointments are generally not a greater commitment than the team would have already had.
    1. We acknowledge there will be some challenges re umpiring. We ask each club to proactively support your teams as much as possible.
    2. To ensure all games have 1 umpire, it was sometimes necessary to appoint a team from a different grade to this job (see list below).
    3. Please ensure you check all games listed for the day. Where it indicates “plate only”, you only need to supply that plate umpire.
    4. Where indicated, when a “plate only” umpire is being provided to your game, each team must supply a base umpire.
    5. Chances of buying an umpire will be small due to the extra games being played. MWSA will not be able to meet all paid umpire requests
  4. Canteen and grounds duties have also changed – canteen and other duties have swapped for Round 6 and Round 7 for instance.
  5. The Teeball washed out round will be played on Grand Final Day.

Grades playing double headers –

  • Rnd 6      Mar 5: A Res, C1 and half of 1R, 2 and 3A.
  • Rnd 7      Mar 12:  A and B grades.  3B
  • Rnd 8      Mar 19:  C grade, Div 1, half of 1R, 2 and 3A. and Mod A and B

Teams umpiring different grades :

  • Rnd 6      Mar 5:    Sorts, Angels, Fever, Players, Dinos, Frantics, Bandits, Warriors.
  • Rnd 7      Mar 12:  Dirty Mitts, Eagles Black, Frantics, Magpies, Condors Bl, Fusion, Firecrackers and Astros. Bye teams in 3B have umpiring duties.
  • Rnd 8      Mar 19   Fallin’ Angels, Players, Slayers, Falcons, Psychos, Dirty Mitts, Eagles, Pelicans, Foxes, Jaffas.

We trust this all makes sense & we do ask for your support in making all this happen.