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SLow Pitch

What is Slow Pitch?

Slow Pitch is a recreational softball program for anybody wanting to have fun, increase their physical activity and is looking for the social aspects of a team sport.

It is a mixed competition for those >18 which caters for all skill levels.

A softcore 12” ball is used.

No experience is necessary!

When is the next mixed Slow Pitch season at MWSA?

☀️ Starts 2 September 2022
Friday evenings, from 6pm
4 rounds (2, 9, 16 & 23 September)
☀️ All equipment provided
☀️ $50 for the season (a credit will be applied in full for those that registered and paid for the washed-out February/March 2022 Slow Pitch season – to be used for this September Slow Pitch season only)
☀️ Individuals, groups of friends and teams of 9-12 if >18 years old are all welcome to register!
☀️ Abbott Road Diamonds, North Curl Curl
☀️ Register now! Slow Pitch Registration 

See you on the diamond for Slow Pitch in September!

Questions? Contact MWSA

What are the rules in Slow Pitch?

Slow Pitch is a variation of softball that provides a social game that all can play.

For those that play either softball or baseball here are the main differences:

☀️ Pitching is underarm at a moderate speed. If it’s pitched to fast, it’s a ball.

☀️All foul balls count as strikes so a ball hit foul on strike 3 is OUT.

☀️ All plays in Slow Pitch are force plays. No tagging is permitted

☀️ All runners must run on a hit ball.

☀️Sliding is not permitted. A base runner who slides is out.

☀️ There is no stealing bases when a pitched ball is not batted.

☀️ Bunting is not allowed.

☀️ There is a safety zone of 1 metre around each base and home plate. They represent safe ground for the base runner who must have a foot within the circle before the fielder with the ball touches the base to which the base runner is advancing.

☀️ There are commitment lines marked halfway between second and third bases and third base and home plate. If a base runner places a foot on or over this commitment line they are committed to advance to the next the base, except when the umpire calls foul ball or no pitch.

☀️ In Slow Pitch, a must is TO HAVE FUN!!!